Mortal Man

I wanted my first post on this blog to describe the scope of things I sought to teach, this included social justice, financial literacy, and culture.  Inherently, I believe these components can be harnessed to create a prosperous life and future for black people in this world.   Yesterday, while discussing the current state of events in America, a friend asked the group, “Where is the modern-day Malcolm, Martin and Huey ?”  I thought to myself that it doesn’t matter where they are for no one is coming to save us.

I think these great men have left us with the tools to build the world that we want for ourselves, though each sought to reach the same goal they all took different means to achieve a common end.  The answer to our struggles lie in the convergence of their paths into one road, the yellow brick kind if that’s what you like.  Martin understood that we needed the political machine to change the laws.  Malcolm knew that the  power lie in the dollar and owning your community: the homes, the stores, the restaurants.   Finally, Huey.  Huey wanted to rally the lumpenproletariat, the class of society not interested in revolutionary advancement, to protect and serve the people.

Financial literacy  will transform us from consumers to investors. As a people we must organize the money in our communities.  That means to buy, support and advertise black owned businesses, to pool our funds in black owned banks, to fund the entrepreneurial dreams of black men and women across this nation. We must become businessman, not workers.  When we create products, we create jobs in our communities.  We can then build the communities as we see fit.    Money is power.

Chairman Mao Zedong said “Political power flows through the barrel of a gun”, I agree that is one way, but it also goes with the cash flow.  With a strong economic base, we may control our destiny in the political realm. The difference between the 60s and now is that we can place our own representatives, people who look and think just like us, into places of power.   Many people dislike the Tea Party Republicans but they are getting their voices heard in the loudest way.  With economic support we can educate our people on the importance of the local elections, working our way up to control states, taking over all offices from the judges, DAs, city councilmen, the state house and senate.  We can do it but we have to work together.  David Johns, told me that I make the mistake of thinking all black people are collectively woke when there has never been a time in history of such an accord.  I think that time really can be now.  The time when we organize the academics and the streets to lead ourselves out of this dark place we call America.  I wanted my first post to be about the things I hoped for, the knowledge I sought to impart.  Now you know my motive as well.

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